Construction Activity Oversight

Once construction has commenced, we schedule and manage regular on-site construction meetings between the architect, ourselves as the client’s representative, the general contractor and the client (if desired). Regular meetings will include site inspections to monitor the quality of work and adherence to the project schedule. This allows for issues to be identified and resolved weekly by the team in the field. Weekly meeting minutes and action items will be created and issued to the team. These meeting minutes provide the framework for documenting decisions as well as providing weekly action items for the team to complete. If desired by the client, monthly reports can be generated which include progress photos, a recap of field progress and critical issues as well as a summary of the project schedule and budget. In addition to site inspections and weekly meetings, we will conduct detailed reviews of potential change orders, negotiate final costs with the general contractor and make final recommendations to our client with regards to approval or rejection. We also closely monitor the project progress against the established project schedule. Should issues arise or the contractor fall behind schedule, we work with the general contractor to negotiate and orchestrate a recovery plan and then closely monitor the recovery progress until the project is back on schedule.