General Contractor Selection

We can involve a general contractor on a project in several ways. They can be brought on board at the onset of the project through a negotiated selection process or possible design/build scenario, or they can be hired through a hard-bid process. We work closely with the client to determine the best method of delivery and timing to engage the general contractor and then orchestrate the desired selection process.  

If desired by the client, we will create a “Request for Proposal” (RFP) to be issued to selected general contractor firms for either a negotiated-type delivery method or a hard-bid delivery method. Once the RFP is created, we work with the client to identify the appropriate general contractor firms that will be asked to participate in the selection process. Firms will be recommended based on experience with similar project types and their areas of expertise, ensuring each firm is qualified for the job. After receiving responses or bids, we review each one, provide a summary of the responses or bids and make recommendations for the final selection of a firm. If desired, we will also schedule and conduct firm interviews. Upon final selection of a general contractor, we will negotiate and finalize the contract with the selected firm.