A Proven Methodology

The Gilliland CM team of project managers has spent decades honing our project management processes. As a company, we have a variety of systems in place to manage each aspect of the project process to ensure complete success. All documents and tools are available real-time from anywhere in the world, making sure the client and each team member has access to current and accurate information.


Proper planning is the key to any project. At Gilliland CM, we believe a successful project is never an accident. At the onset of every project, we use our years of experience to work with our client to create a unique strategic plan that outlines the project goals and objectives as they relate to design, budget, schedule and final completion of the project. Once the plan is finalized and agreed upon by all parties, we implement the client’s vision through a proactive and collaborative management process from concept to completion.


Great design is a key component of any successful project. However, you can’t lose sight of the project goals and the client’s expectations. That’s why we clearly communicate these factors to the project team, making sure they have a clear understanding of both. Consistent communication and strategic planning allow our team to work successfully with the client throughout the design process and stay within the guidelines related to programming requirements, budget and schedule. We also work to achieve consistency between the design and the project objectives by performing regular technical reviews on the design documents. These reviews assess the quality and constructability of the design as it progresses. Budget and schedules are established at the outset, updated as needed and closely monitored throughout the design phase.


Construction is typically the most costly and risky portion of a project. Issues such as unforeseen or hidden conditions and weather complications can cause delays and added costs. In addition, the client may request changes during construction that could also impact the budget or schedule. We work closely with the entire team during construction to help mitigate and resolve any issues that may come up along the way. Our team’s experience and knowledge help us anticipate issues, understand potential impacts and provide proactive solutions to keep budgets and schedules in check.