Jambs, lights, and laminates have been acquired. That’s right, we are starting to dry in the project and focus on getting finishes procured and to the site at El Monte Gateway 4. Windows are being installed along the pool deck podium and the perimeter of the building. Waterproofing and lath and plaster will soon follow. Top floor units have bathtubs installed and we are working our way down the building with closing the walls at the interior corridors making the building ready for finishes. This 208 unit multifamily and retail space project is on track for a Q1 2023 delivery to the market. Thank you to all our project partners for helping us get this one back on track and moving forward again.

SVA Architect – SVA Architects

KPRS General Contractor –KPRS Construction Services, Inc.

McParlane Mechanical Engineer – McParlane & Associates, Inc.

FBA Electrical Engineer

AnchorPoint Miguel Vasquez – Anchorpoint

IMA Landscape Architecture – ima+design

DCI Engineers- Structural Engineering DCI Engineers

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By Kirt Gilliland

Feb 11, 2022