Gilliland CM is making great progress for our client on the construction of a 250,000 SF cold storage facility in Otay Mesa. This concrete tilt up building will be the future home of a cold storage facility serving the Otay Mesa region with cross border connections to Mexico. Due to the lack of storm water infrastructure in the Otay Mesa area, the building pad needed to be raised approx. 5ft. The grading at the site has required importing more than 80,000 cubic yards of dirt from other sites throughout San Diego County. The import and grading for the Building Pad was completed in September. The process of forming and pouring the Concrete Tilt Wall panels is now in progress on top of the brand new Concrete Slab for the entire building. This is an exciting new project for GCM and our client and we are looking forward to completion of the building shell in March of 2022.

Thank you to our team members: TFW CONSTRUCTION LIMITED , HPA Architecture LtdDFA ENGINEERING, K&S Engineering, GEOCON Inc., RPM Engineers, EPI Consulting

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By Kirt Gilliland

Oct 14, 2021