Gilliland CM would like for everyone to get to know our team! This month, we highlight one of our Project Managers, Matt Hendry!

What was the last movie you went to? What did you think? Black Widow.  My son really wanted to go, and I have never watched one second of any Marvel movies.  Needless to say after that, we have since started down the rabbit hold of watching the entire collection, chronologically.  Thank goodness for Disney+

What is your favorite quote? I will give you two. “Scared money don’t make money, throw your ones in” Method Man. One of my favorite lyrics and a good way of saying put your money where your mouth is. If you believe in something strongly enough it is worth putting some of your hard-earned money into it. Another one I really believe in, and there are a few versions of it out there, “Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it.” You really find out who a person is when the pressure is on.

What led you to this career? Seems silly now, but I started at University of Florida Pre-Med and Aerospace Engineering. I swapped through a few different engineering majors but never saw myself behind a desk for an entire career. So, after taking all the pre-reqs for med school and engineering, I went to my older cousins graduation after my sophomore year. There was a group of about 60 students having a blast, wearing hard hats, and generally having fun. I went and found out what degree they were getting, and it was a Construction Management degree. I changed my major that summer and applied for the BCN college and now, 20 years later, here I am.

What’s one professional skill you’re currently working on? Leadership. Whether it is managing a project or employees, at the end of the day you are leading people. Over the past year, and still continuing currently, I have made a focus to try and be a better leader. I’ve learned a big part of being a successful leader isn’t telling people what you want them to do, or what the best solution is, but rather lead a team to come to a consensus which gives everyone ownership of the solution to the problem you were working on. This way, the team is then more engaged on seeing it through to completion.

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By Kirt Gilliland

Aug 26, 2021