Gilliland CM would like for everyone to get to know our team! This month, we highlight one of our Project Managers, Chip Stockmeyer!

What do you do in your spare time? On the weekends you will find me either hiking/traveling with my girlfriend Stacey or Mountain Biking my two sons Boyd and Hudson, I have the scars to prove it!

What is your favorite family vacation? My favorite family vacation (so far) was our family trip to Yosemite last year.

What led you to this career? I began my career as an architectural intern with Delawie in San Diego. My goal was to become an architect. I quickly learned that there was a lot more to projects than just the design/architectural component. After several years on the GC side of the business, I was given an opportunity to work for as a CM and jumped at the prospect. In my career as a Construction Manager.

What part of the project process do you enjoy most ? Being an integral part of the complete life cycle of projects gives me a tremendous sense of accomplishment and completion.

What inspires you? I am inspired by the hard working individuals that we depend on every day to complete our projects; from carpenters, to plumbers, steel workers and demolition crews. These professionals are the ones on the front line getting the work done.

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By Kirt Gilliland

May 27, 2021