We are getting started on a new project located Downtown San Diego at 450 B Street. The project encompasses the design, demolition, remodel and construction of a new core and shell (6) six-story office building approximately 88,278SF. The foundation and structural framing system have been designed to accommodate the new structure. The scope of the project includes a new curtain wall and exterior glazing, roof, new shell mechanical/electrical/plumbing systems, core restrooms, two (2) new elevators serving levels one through six and exterior balconies. The demolition of the existing building and structural foundation work requires shoring of the existing structure and maintaining access to the parking garage for the adjacent office tower throughout construction. Work at the exterior courtyard shared with the existing office tower includes new trellis structure, fire pits and fireplace, landscaping, planters and benches. We are excited to be a part of this project team and will be posting updates as the project progresses!

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By Kirt Gilliland

Dec 28, 2020