Construction in Highrise office buildings can be a logistical nightmare. For example, construction typically takes place above, under, or adjacent to existing tenant offices spaces, working on or around existing surfaces/finishes, work hour restrictions, elevator usage coordination, loading dock reservations. These are just a few coordination efforts that must be thought out and planned for. Gilliland CM has experience on many Highrise buildings. For the San Diego Tribune T.I, extensive coordination was required with the property management firm as work took place on four floors at 600 B Street, a 24-story high-rise in Downtown San Diego. For Basic Agency, located in East Village, we assisted on an improvement of approx. 8,000 s.f. of new shell space occupying the entire 5th floor. LEED Certified building components were incorporated utilizing the ‘LocBit’ Building Management system which allows remote access to the roll-up doors, lighting, exterior window coverings and HVAC system.

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By Kirt Gilliland

Aug 08, 2019